8MRL180, 8MRL250 - Direct Drive Rotation Stages


8MRL180 8MRL250
Motion Control
Travel range(Coarse/Fine), deg 360/360 360/360
* Encoder type 1Vpp Analoge inductance 1Vpp Analoge inductance
** Encoder resolution, arcsec 2 1
Bidirectional repeatability, arcsec 5 4
Unidirectional repeatability, arcsec On request On request
Accuracy (before calibration), arcsec 50 40
Axial runout, um 30 30
Radial runout, um 30 20
Backlash, arcsec 0 0
Maximal speed, deg/s 6600 3300
Limit Switches/ Referene mark Reference mark Reference mark
Switch polarity/ Reference mark interface RS422 RS422
Load and Transmision information
Horizontal load capacity, kg 12 20
Vertical load capacity, kg 12 15
Transmision type direct drive direct drive
Motor type 3-phase brushless motor 3-phase brushless motor
Nominal Torque, Nm 6,4 6,9
Peak Torque, Nm 21,6 22,9
Bearing type 4 contact ball bearings 4 contact ball bearings
Control and Communication
Recommended controllers SPiiPlusEC SPiiPlusEC
Recommended driver UDMlc series UDMlc series
Recommended power supply PS36-4.4-4 PS36-4.4-4
Connector on request on request
Cable length on request on request
Material and enviroment conditions
Base material Aluminum Aluminum
Finish Black anodized Black anodized
Environment pressure up to 10-3 Torr up to 10-3 Torr
Ambient temperature on request on request
Base plate 3BP8MRL180 3BP8MRL250
Connecting plate on request on request
Additional Details
Rotating platform diameter, mm 180 250
Measurement system metric metric
Weight, kg 5 9
Central aperture on request on request